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Song Ji Hyo reveals about the reason why she signed up with aˆ?Our company is crazy,aˆ? fansaˆ™ questions, along with her internet dating preferences

Song Ji Hyo reveals about the reason why she signed up with aˆ?Our company is crazy,aˆ? fansaˆ™ questions, along with her internet dating preferences

Korean dramas, well-known because aˆ?textbook of loveaˆ? for Asian females, we’ve experienced numerous era when it comes to those dramas that, the bravest as well as the happiest move of a star that is in love are keeping their enthusiast’s hand-in the group to eat, to look and smile along before those surprised, jealous as well as crazy looks.

On March 28th, aˆ?goddess of minnataˆ? tune Ji Hyo who isn’t scared of are bare-faced, whom in addition courageously rolls over mud and periodically bursts out in fury and power during the Korean assortment program , will convert into a lady that is peaceful and shy when facing the woman fancy in JiangSu TV plan .

Thus, when she gotten the deal from Chinese program , she stated the woman first reaction would be to aˆ?grab it,aˆ? aˆ?I’m able to showcase the actual area of us to Chinese readers who are not acquainted myself, not a duplicate of me personally from

aˆ?That’s correct, for a very long time, men and women have always seen me contending. Regarding their upcoming quest of prefer, the careful aˆ?Mong Jiaˆ? also knows your group she should deal with and face to begin with were, actually, the aˆ?Monday Coupleaˆ? enthusiasts.

Frankly, this time around i am hoping someone can see myself aˆ?in adore,’aˆ? mentioned tune Ji Hyo when you look at the meeting she did several days ago

In she’s always aˆ?competing.aˆ? This time, track Ji Hyo desires show folks the side of this lady aˆ?in loveaˆ?

Individuals who are knowledgeable about track Ji Hyo can sufficiently understand the meaning of to her: six years ago whenever she first signed up with Yoo Jae Seok’s employees, she is dealing with profession bottleneck, in the course of time, once the only women associate inside the tv series, she disclosed one other edges of this lady aside from the image of an actress: sweet and violent, smart and awkward, gorgeous and nice like a cousin into the city. Making use of the image of aˆ?Mong Jiaˆ?, she shot to popularity in Asia within a few days.

As for by herself, she felt that (joining) changed the girl identity substantially, aˆ?in reality before , my personal characteristics got most introverted, and that I have bad social skills, as a dull people anything like me kept facing problems in tv series, the people helped me changes a whole lot. There’s now outstanding difference between my personal characters. Thus we try hard to display my personal bubbly and fearless side on people in .aˆ?

Considering , her appeal features ranked higher for six ages. But Song Ji Hyo said, indeed, she has constantly looked-for an opportunity to erupt, that has been difficult to receive through the programs in Korea, aˆ?Because i’ve been in for many years, among the properties for the show is we will need to compete restlessly, be in higher spirit, so plenty of visitors have acquired the feeling of me are like this, furthermore the image of myself from inside the tv show. It is not easy to take into consideration various other programs .aˆ?

Moreover, Song Ji Hyo also revealed another reason that is attractive to the lady, is that there’s aˆ?no place in advancedaˆ?, she mentioned she’s got complete so many missions in , aˆ?within the last 5 years, I constantly obtained and finished missions, today i do want to show a side of me personally as a normal people, my response predicated on my genuine sensation without any preference when I meet with someone, or perhaps the opposite gender.aˆ?

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