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The guy belongs to Chataspad (Mesha) as well as the girl belongs to Nara (Kanya Rashi) giving 1 point for Vashya being compatible

The guy belongs to Chataspad (Mesha) as well as the girl belongs to Nara (Kanya Rashi) giving 1 point for Vashya being compatible

Both the boy in addition to female participate in the Nara Vashya (Midhuna and Kanya) so because of this get 2 points for Vashya Kuta category.

9. Mahendra Kuta a€“ money, longevity, progeny

Vedic horoscope coordinating for marriage views success or wide range, long life, and capacity to have little ones as key factors to be regarded as for wedding. Mahendra Kuta indicates all these factors.

The nakshatra on the prospective bridegroom, measured from compared to the bride, should-be 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 or 25 to be regarded a match.

The significance of Mahendra Kuta consists of the power of people to compliment the household financially or perhaps a great service provider, an extended lives and kids the few. Mahendra Kuta compatibility factor includes another dimension for the as a whole compatibility score offered other compatibility factors in horoscope matching for ple, partners can not be coordinated simply predicated on Mahendra Kuta alone whereas, including Mahendra Kuta being compatible element provides another degree of validation.

Some astrologers think that even when the horoscopes fit on the basis of the general compatibility get, an incompatible Mahendra Kuta you could end up a disappointed relationships or divorce case.

The Nakshatra for the bridegroom measured from that of the bride try 20 and therefore this partners’s Mahendra Kuta just isn’t in agreement.

10. Stree-Deergha a€“ female’s pleasure after marriage

Vedic astrology gives sufficient importance on happiness regarding the woman after relationships as a vital factor for compatibility. Stree-Deergha denotes a compatibility factor that ensures a long matrimony, great companionship and a happy spouse.

In the event the nakshatra regarding the bridegroom, measured from compared to the bride, is at the very least 9 constellations aside, you really have an appropriate Stree-Deergha.

Vedic astrology recognises the fact that after girl are delighted, marriages were lasting and profitable!. The farther the Nakshatra of this bridegroom from that the bride, the better the Stree-Deergha being compatible.

The reasoning behind this technique of horoscope matching is the fact that very first 9 Nakshatras tend to be signals of personal and bloodstream connections. Hence, a more substantial difference between Nakshatra jobs indicates contentment the girl as she moves away from the lady delivery family in order to become part of this lady partner’s group.

The real difference within the position in the kid’s Nakshatra measured from that your ex are 20 so because of this this couple features an appropriate Stree-Deergha.

The difference within the position with the kid’s Nakshatra mentioned from regarding your ex is 16 thus this couple features a suitable Stree-Deergha.

11. Rajju Kuta a€“ Bonding between the partners

Rajju Kuta was a vital corresponding aspect for marriages in Southern India and is also according to the communities assigned to the Nakshatras associated with the bride together with groom. The groups include each assigned title of an individual part of the body. Rajju suggests line so there is apparently a cosmic line that tie both women and men just who fit in with certain Rajju people.

There are not any things designated for Rajju Kuta and is used confirmed another aspect that find overall compatibility for matrimony past the points-based horoscope matching process.

The rating unit we have found simple. If Nakshatras with the bride additionally the groom participate in exactly the same cluster, really considered not to be in contract thus perhaps not a match.

The Nakshatras from the bride as well as the groom belong to different Rajjus and hence they have been in agreement depending on Rajju Kuta

The Nakshatras of this bride as well as the groom fit in with different Rajjus so because of this these include in agreement depending on Rajju Kuta.

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