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Dear Counselor: Ia€™m Afraid My Boyfrienda€™s Sex Will Finish The Union

Dear Counselor: Ia€™m Afraid My Boyfrienda€™s Sex Will Finish The Union

My date of annually says they are bisexual. I knew this from the beginning because we found on a dating app and he have that obviously stated in the visibility. However, what I are worried about is he is utilizing myself as a means to acknowledging to themselves that he is homosexual, or which he desires to be in a heterosexual relationship so that you can experience the personal pros (creating teenagers, generally speaking are approved in culture, etc.).

I am stressed because (a) he’s not ever been with a guy before being with me means the guy don’t have that feel (assuming the guy doesn’t deceive) and (b) he is inspired by an extremely religious parents in South that would likely struggle to take their homosexuality (and sometimes even bisexuality).

He is been likely to treatments for a couple of months today and sporadically renders jokes about how their mind and body tend to be in conflict, like when I come back from vacationing with an infectious cool therefore we can’t be intimate, and I also must scrape my directly that. I’m concerned that individuals will invest decades together, probably bring hitched, posses teens, and he will arrive at grips that he’s in reality in fact gay. Or both. The guy sometimes functions effeminate and outfits excessively flamboyantly. We have no hassle with people whom recognize within these tips, but Personally, I do not have a desire for are romantically a part of an individual who does. I’ve an extremely stronger sneaking uncertainty that he’s biding their energy until his mothers perish or until he decides hewill come-out in their mind as gay.

Can I stick to him and contemplate another, understanding full really he could let me know one day that he’s actually homosexual and desires getting with a person, or that he desires to changeover, and then leave me personally with a number of baggage, particularly getting a divorce proceedings (sharing custody of toddlers, funds), and time/energy/effort missing?