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Challenge Hook Up Hall of Fame Part 2: The Next 9

Challenge Hook Up Hall of Fame Part 2: The Next 9

I did this on Thursday where I revealed the “Elite 9” when it comes to Challenge hookups. What is considered for this are Quality and Quantity. Nothing from Real World/Road Rules/AYTO will be acknowledged. Because of that, Zach is not on here as he only has two total Challenge hookups.

Before the Challenge Dirty 30 premiered, I put out an article linking every person’s career hookups. It got over 11,000…

Someone who was highly considered for Tier 1, though Mean Girl Veronica made it over her. There’s a ton of speculation for who she has hooked up with on the guys side. It’s rumored that she’s hooked up with Evan, Mark, and Darrell (on Road Rules). The only one that seems a bit more substantive is Evan. She was part of the Veronica-Abram-Rachel trio on the Gauntlet, hooked up with Jenn Grijalva on the Island and Duel 2. Aneesa isn’t the most impressive feat, but it adds to her stats.

A person that people were wondering why he was left off Tier 1. The simple answer is that he barely missed the cut. I viewed the top 9 as in a league of their own, with Derrick and Rachel being able to anchor the top of Tier 2.

Derrick has had interesting hookups during his time on the Challenge. On the Duel 1 he hooked up with Robin and Jodi despite his short stay on the season. He gets docked a few points as Evan had the first chance at them on the season.